Exhibit Success


We hope everyone had a delightful and great weekend. Exhibiting at the Advanced Civil Trial seminar was a complete success. We met and got to know a lot of amazing people and had an enjoyable time. We will definitely be attending more of these in the future so keep an eye out for us.


From left to right: The Marketing Coordinator, Brittany McCarble, Owner, Tim McCarble, and Marketing Director, Karen Zuckerman were all in attendance at the seminar.

Exhibit display table

Our exhibit table was a hit. We had everything from candy to a french macaron set up.


We also had a lot of goodies that we gave to people during the seminar. Here we had some note pads, brochures and deadline calendars.

These coffee mugs and sticky pads went like hot cakes.



The seminar room was beautiful and there were a lot of big names who attended so we were excited to see our name up in the main hall to say the least.


Overall we are thrilled with the outcome of the seminar and hope everyone who attended had a great time as well. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make the exhibit possible for us.


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